Start Working From Home For Just $5
I'm an independent representative for a Company seeking to increase its data
base of email addresses.

It's an easy job that takes 20 to 30 minutes a day. It entails posting free ads on
the Internet. The Company supplies easy-to-follow instructions; writes the ad for
you and even tells you the easiest places to go.

Many pooh-pooh the idea of free ads as being non-productive. Here are three
realities these people have not thought of:

Many entrepreneurs go to these free sites to get names they themselves can
mail to. As long as they include an opt-out link and mail only once, they won't be
accused of spamming. They will click on your link (supplied by the Company).
Rely on it.

While you're at these sites posting the Company's ad, you can also post your
own ad. This is killing two birds with one stone.

Slowly but surely you'll find responses coming in from out of the blue like magic.
You will be gathering names for yourself as well as for the Company.

Receive immediate payments to your online account (paypal, egold, alertpay,
graphcard and so on) or have it sent to your bank account or by check or
western union. It is completely up to you

Here are your benefits:

Your own online business.

A stream of $5 dollar bills for the names you collect.

A possible extra $5 dollars in referral fees (under certain circumstances).

Full instructions that really are easy-to-follow.

No hidden expenses; This is a simple straight forward business proposition.

Plus we will provide you with adposting software, form filling software and other
great resources to help you make a great income working from home working just
a few hours per week.

The money will be deposited directly into your account that the Company has no
control over.

NO Waiting for Pay Day Ever!

Sign up today and you're in business today.

When you get up in the morning and open your Email box you could see:
Notification Of Web Payment. It's a rush.

BEST OF ALL you avoid monthly charges like in many other programs.

Lastly . . . you will FINALLY be able to get YOUR SHARE of the Internet money
floating around. It's a rush.

Start As A Email List Compiler Today Receive Your First
Payment Tonight!

There are, of course, some administrative costs. In order to weed out the
curiosity seekers the Company is asking for a small one time fee of $5.00 to
supply easy-to-follow instructions and resources.

You will receive your login information via email within 24 hours of payment being

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